Benefits of shower head filters

Urbanization has led to dense population in most towns around the globe. These towns are characterized by poor housing and lack or basic amenities among other hazardous conditions. Living conditions have continued to deteriorate, and this has been prevalent after the world economic crunch. Most people living in cities cannot access basic needs like proper food and water. Access to clean and healthy water has become a challenge in most homes in urban centers. For this reason, people are now aware of the importance of drinking filtered water that is free harmful chemicals and other contaminants. However, it is important to note that shower water has been established to be just as harmful to your health as drinking water.

Studies show that unfiltered shower water contains chemicals like chlorine, bacteshower head ria, and fungus (from the shower head) which are harmful to your hair and skin. The skin being the largest organ of your body is responsible for critical functions like the synthesis of Vitamin D. Chlorine, bacteria and fungus could jeopardize these functions because the skin has an ability to absorb components of what is above it. In this regard, it is important to invest in shower head filters from that will guarantee the maximum protection of the skin. The benefits of shower head filters are numerous, and the prime ones are illuminated as follows;

Killing bacteria

Over time, it is inescapable that bacteria will accumulate on the shower heads. You may not know it but if your shower head has been in use for a significant amount of time, then is palpable that it is plagued with harmful bacteria. Replacing or cleaning the shower head is costly, ineffective and inconvenient since there are millions of micro-organisms which could cause infections and diseases. Therefore you ought to invest in shower head filters which have been lauded as being effective in killing these germs and guaranteeing safe, clean and pure water.

Reduction of exposure to chlorine

ronglkrngkwgl3wrChlorine is used to disinfect water and make it safe for drinking, but this analogy is counterproductive as it exposes your skin and hair to other major infections and diseases. When you shower with hot water, it is apparent that your skin will absorb components of chlorine. Also, inhalation of chlorine poses respiratory risks like bronchitis and asthma. Parents are further advised to keep their children away from chlorine water as it may affect their epithelial tissues and lead to juvenile asthma. Shower filters reduce the exposure of your skin to the said chlorine components.

Enhancement of water pressure

As aforementioned, bacteria and sediments clog the shower heads, and as a result, they will obstruct the free flow of the water. The filters ensure that this is negated and thereby guaranteeing free flowing water each time you are in the shower.