Considerations when looking for an official residence

Official residence houses senior government officials such as the Head of State, Governors, Prime Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, Ambassadors or can also apply within a business setting especially firms that have residents reserved to senior management officials such as the CEO, CFO, COO among others. While these official residencies is not personal properties of occupants, they are very significant in enabling government or business continuity as they provide convenience to these individuals and enable them to undertake their functions with ease. Talk to Hundred Palms Residences EC for the best apartments. Therefore, when looking an official residence it appropriate to consider the following factors;



The strategic location of an official residence is of great importance. Most official residences are located in secure neighborhoods where the officials’ safety and anonymity are preserved. Mostly, official residences can be accessed by multiple means either by road, by air or by water hence the location should be appropriate. The access to the office or basic amenities and facilities is a great consideration to the choice of an official residence.


Size also matters with an official residency as top government, business or religious leaders frequently entertain friends, business partners or other dignitaries. Therefore, these residences should be in a position to cater for extra rooms to accommodate guests and should have enough multi-purpose rooms such as a private study or an official office from where one can operate from remotely from the office. The size also covers the compound covered by the property and should suit different scenarios wherever necessary.

Security and privacy

The ultimate requirement of an official residence is security. The top officials must feel safe at all times since they are likely to be targeted by people with different interests. Therefore, the proper official residency should be secured by security personnel, CCTV cameras and have security passes and smart locks that ensure maximum security is guaranteed. Moreover, the privacy of these individuals should be protected at times which mean that their private details do not get access to the public unnecessarily and should be within the confines of the official residences.

Type of ownership

Most official residences are normally sold for full ownership. Therefore, when scouting for a property, it is important to ensure that the developers are willing to let go of the property without any attachments or special interests. Therefore, full ownership is recommended for official residences as it also allows the occupants’ security details to secure it and new structure may be brought up to accommodate extra staff in the compound appropriately without interruptions.



Most official residences which include palaces, mansions among others come at high costs. Therefore, the best choice should be affordable and should be within the set budget which ensures that when accountability issues arise it is possible to explain the properties cost compared to the market prices in the real estate market.

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