Different Types of Bail Bonds

Getting yourself out of custody can turn out to be a stressful and challenging process. But when it comes to court procedures and systems, most of the things have completely changed, and therefore the bail system with the help of a bail bondsman can help you to get out of custody fast. However, before you try to secure a bond, make sure that you have a basic understanding of how to do it. There are many types of bonds that are available, and this has been a challenge for most people because they do not know the best kind to consider selecting.

If you want to choose the best bail bond, you need to consider your specific condition or situation before you make your final choice. Also, if you feel that you need more clarification on these bail bonds, you can ask some of the experts at Atlanta, and they will explain various types of bonds and even how to post bail.

Types of bail bonds

Citation release

man with handcuffThis is one of the best types of bail bonds you are required to consider because with this type of a bond you will never go into custody. Therefore, a citation release is immediately given when the arresting police are not taking the suspect to the station. It is important to know that citation release are customarily provided for minor cases such as traffic violations. The arresting officer offers this type of a bail bonder.

Cash bond

Just as the name sounds, this kind of a bond allows the criminals in custody to get out with a cash payment. You can easily pay any bail in cash so long as you have the cash that is needed. Some departments might refuse to accept some cash bail that may be in other forms such as credit cards. Therefore, ensure that you are aware of this before you decide to ask for this kind of a bail bond.

Surety bond

man in jailIf you are unable to pay the exact money you are required to pay to get out of custody, there is another way you can consider, and it is to look for the best bail bondsman. A bail bondsman usually offers a surety bond, and you will be required to pay 10 percent of the bail amount to your bondsman. Therefore, there are other types of bail bonds such as immigration bail bond, federal bail bond, and, property bond.

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