A guide to planning your travels

Have you wanted to see the world? Maybe you are interested in traveling across Europe or Asia. We all have these dreams and would love to do it if possible. Here are a few tips that will help you make your dream come true.


Traveling to another country or continent is not something you can do in a weekend (unless it is very close). It will take weeks and even months if you want to have a proper trip and explore. For those who want to get more for their money, consider going during the off season. Many people will travel during peak tourist seasons like June or July or November and December. If you can plan your trip outside of these dates, you can get better deals for flights and even an AirBnB coupon for accommodation.


Packing your suitcase or backpacks must be done well and given a lot of thought. family picnicYou must take into account the places you will visit and whether you will need warm clothes or not. If you are only traveling in a tropical area, you may not need to take a jacket. Always remember to take any medication that you need and ensure you have enough supply for the whole duration of your trip, because you may not find the same in the countries you are visiting.

Flights & transport

If you are on a budget and still want to see many places, consider booking your flights and accommodation early. When bookings are made near to the dates that you travel, you may end up paying more. The flights are usually one of the biggest expenses on any trip so look at budget airlines which may be much cheaper that others. You may not get served any alcohol, but you can still get to your destination. When in a country, you can use trains, buses and other ground transport methods to travel withing the country or to neighboring ones.


AccommodationFor accommodation, you can book places online. Hotels would be rather expensive for the budget traveler but renting a room in someone’s house may not be. Many people advertise lodging online. They will rent a room in their house for those who need a cheap yet clean place to stay. It would not be like a hotel where you would get room service, but you will feel more at home, and you will also have a clean and safe place to stay.

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