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Music at Messiah


Night Prayer, a service of ancient plainsong chant, mystical silence, and meditation was held at the Parish of the Messiah. This moving evensong service was led by the ethereal voices of Schola Nocturna.  It continued through 2011.



Music at Messiah


Cappella Clausura, a period instrument and vocal ensemble which specializes in music written through the centuries by women in clausurae, that is, in cloisters, was our Artist-in-Residence from 2005 to 2013.

The ensemble of voices is accompanied by instrumentalists playing the harpsichord, lute, and other period instruments. Cappella Clausura brings to light works of composers who have struggled to compose and perform despite considerable social taboos. The music that was written in clausurae was extraordinary in its inventiveness as well as its musicality. Nuns who penned this music wrote to express their deepest spirituality at a time when musical expression by women was not only frowned upon but frequently forbidden by the church. The group's goal is to place this music into the the standard repertoire.

For more information go to www.clausura.org.

Music at Messiah



The Momus Trombone Quartet, a chamber music ensemble dedicated to advancing brass chamber music in the community, was artist-in-residence at the Parish of the Messiah for the 2004 - 2005 season.
Momus’ repertoire that ranged from classical and religious music to jazz and pop genres could be heard at churches, schools, and a wide variety of musical venues throughout the Boston area. In addition to performing, they developed an educational program that allowed them to share their great love of chamber music with children.