Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal areas

Laser hair removal is considered to be the right way of achieving a flawless, permanent hair-free skin. In fact, this particular treatment can be carried out in any part of your body. The modern advanced technologies involved in this treatment ensure the procedure is both effective and safe. Ensure that the process is done by a specialist who can ascertain your treatment’s safety and efficiency. The following are common laser hair removal areas.


This is a great treatment area for laser hair removal. This is because armpits are exposed. Thus, the patients ought to keep this particular area hair-free. It is common with the first-time patients who want to permanently remove hair from underarms.

BikiniAfter shaving, hair grows fast. Therefore, you need to shave your armpits regularly to ensure they are hair-free. Unfortunately, continuous shaving is likely to harm your skin. This is because it damages your armpits, causing cuts, ingrown hair, and bumps. Moreover, waxing your underarm is likely to be inconvenient and painful. For permanent results, patients must undergo a series of laser hair treatments. Once the treatment is complete, there is no need of waxing or shaving the area. This means that you can save a lot of money and time.


Basic bikini

In this case, hair that is average outside bikini is permanently removed. All hairs that are at least one inch of bikini line are removed. This procedure is not popular because it does not cover a broad area. In fact, very few patients consider this type of treatment.

Extended bikini

This is a treatment which covers all forms of swimsuit. It extends to two inches on the side and the top part of the bikini line. The specialist usually leaves a minimal part of your hair known as the landing strip. Usually, the thong area and labia are part of this treatment.

Brazilian bikini

BikiniThis is a laser hair removal treatment that allows patients to customize their treatments. In fact, it is the most popular among patients. Since it can be customized based on patient’s aesthetic styles and desires, the nature of treatment varies greatly. First, you must shave the hair you want to be removed. You can check this website to learn more about this type of laser hair removal.

Hollywood bikini

This type of treatment helps treat the targeted area. In fact, it removes all the visible hairs. Usually, hairs which grow on the shiny skin cannot be removed as they can result in blisters, skin infection, and burns.